Tuesday, March 03, 2009


Tag you're it!!!Here are 25 random things about myself.Now you have to tell me 25 random things about you in reply.

1. they all call me DANISH at my home, neighbourhood and family

2. alike a friend, danish... i cant forget my childhood

3. i miss my SSC days.

4. I never made friends before FAST

5. most of the ppl dont even know the real MOHAMMAD TALHA GHOURI whoentered FAST in 2005 - a chumpooo dhakkan

6. Whatever happens, my university... FAST, i'll always admit that what i am todayis coz of my university.(in a good kinda way)

7. I feel embarrased when guys taunt me on my academic life.

8. I've dreamt of beating the shit out of some really kutta arse ppl... but cudnt dosoo... various reasons..

9. The first time i frowned over someone was the cycle mechanic i used to go, afew months back... i regret that... though he was being a pain in the neck, but ilitteraly KILLED him that day..., the second time in my life i frowned was on theWashing Machine Technician, my mom kept on calling him, he didnt show up andmy mom used to eat my head out... pooor technician :D
10. The best thing happened to me is, I HAVE A CAR...

11. My very first freelance project, i got it coz of a friend... who is now in the MOSTHATED list of mine

12. I dont hate many guys.... i dont hate at all....i am really a friendly guy... it takesmein only a couple of minutes to be friends with any one... but if i HATE anyone... ihate him BAD!

13. The quickest friend i ever made is DANISH HASSAN

14. i had my biggest crushes during my university life.

15. **** **** was the girl in SSC grade,a very nice friend, potentially a futuregirlfriend... but i pissed her off at our last picnic and it ended! DAH!

16. no one knew yet, i DO cry... oftenly :D, at night, in my pillow :Dwhy ?realizing the fact that im not the kid my dad dreamt of..

17. I love my mom and dad the most.... after that my Baji

18. some ppl i never thought i cud be friends with... Farrukh Ali Baig, HennaAmaan, munir usman, ali raza shaikh.

19. I HATE my MATH teacher, i STILL hate her... if my career proceeds to a blackhole... she has a major contribution to it.

20. I wish we wudnt had to shift back to Pakistan. I loved it there... but now.. i loveit more here :D

21. The guy we used to take tafreeh of, all the time, MURTAZA.. helped me outwhen i was really in deep shit.

22. it hurts when u get to know that a friend u like... doesnt consider u one...and/or doesnt trust u. tingles u from inside

23. I've finally given up stealing email accounts' pwds

24. I see my father as the greatest man alive on planet earth...there are MANY reasons....

25. Its hard to apologize than they say in the proverbs... u never regain the trust and value...

26. Chota is friends again.... and i feel great !



Saturday, November 22, 2008

aur woh chala gaya :(


i have no idea kia chal raha hey aaj kal, semester finals dancing upon my head, cant persuade myself to study at all, and am getting into urdu poetry

bas uski hee qasar bachi thi... DAH!!

found this piece of work somewhere.... i loved it, and must share with you guys

na mein paas usko bula saka
na mein dil ki baat bata saka

woh hansi hansi mein hee chaldia
keh mein haath tak na mila saka

younhee sochta raha duur tak
magar usko kuch na bata saka

yeh maqaam hee tha ajeeb sa
keh mein khud ko bhi na bacha saka

woh juda hua bhi toh aise hua

koi rasam tak na nibha saka



Tuesday, October 28, 2008

the day i saw DEATH !


25th Oct 2008, FASTian picnic, Hawks' Bay, hut # 39-C
the event was arranged by DECS (drama and extra curricular society), humayoon leading the team, and was a blast, but the first thing FASTian beach picnics lack are safeguards, even though we realized the importance for lifeguards back in 2006 when NOMAN Bashir almost SANK there in the arabian sea. The incident was terrifying and sent chills in everybody's nerves back then. It urged me to learn swimming and watch the lifeguard programs at NAT GEO.

This year... the beach was quite calm, umm.. not really.. but it wasnt harsh and fast either.
Me being a non-swimmer and a total blindoo(w/o specs), love to and prefer to stay on the shore... but this time.. it had to happen yara!
i thought i am having the best of my life in water, and i kept on walking deep and deep, robin and bubbles were with me toh, i wasnt supposed to have any fear.
i took a step forward... and isntantly... gurup!
i was IN, in there... my feet didnt touch the ground... it was a wide ass PIT thr...
i made my first thrash....and managed to come up.. saw robin thr, he was not more than a feet away from me... he had no idea keh am sinking... i didnt get the hold on the thought keh am sinking... i had a feeling its a usual jerk and i can manage it, second gurup! another thrash and the waves took me away, a feet deeper in the sea, i called out for robin, "rowaid pakar zara yaar", he grabbed my hand, i tried to pull myself towards him, but duud... i was sinking... and eventually i was pulling robin with me, realizing the fact keh ghouri is going DEEP and is taking me along, he let go off my hand, to get himself a good grip on the ground first. I too let go his hand, that VERY moment, that particular fraction of the secondmy whole life flashed in my eyes. I remember each and every act of my life, by each and every i MEAN it. I KNEW i was surely going to die, i knew it. I tried to recite my last dua's... but honestly i cudnt recall any, forgot the surahs, forgot the qalimas...
this thing made me realize keh am not a gud muslim i guess... but the fact that i had the sense to let go rowaid so that he doesnt sink along with me, gives me a pinch of a feeling keh am atleast good human inside. toh...
with the third thrash against the water... i manged to come up once again. and THIS time... i started fearing death..

ab phatttt gaye !

i shouted... "rowaid pakar yaar.." i was in my senses enough to not panic and make him more nervous... warna saala mein bhi jaata aur woh bhi :P
but he is not a lifeguard and yah.. he doesnt know how to rescue.. by this time... usko idea hogaya tha keh ghouri bhai jaa rahe hein...
he grab me and shouted for bubbles who was about a feet away. Bubbles saala ullooo ka phatta, he stood thr smiling and looking at us, though he had no idea keh kia ho raha hey... but robin was shouting his throat out then.
Ultimately babloo pulled robin, robin pulled me, and i was thr on the shore, trying to digest the fact keh mein bach gaya!

it was enuff to ruin my day and the picnic. i changed clothes and sat thr in the hut clicking photos all day!

the PUNCH is keh... the incident mademe realize how evil a person i am, how sinfull i had been my whole life, the life which flashed after me didnt show my pure good deeds, or maybe i hadnt been nice enuff to perform some :-/
Hereby i offer my apologies to any person living, reading this keh i AM VERY SORRY if i had ever done bad to u.

some names i'd mention here

DADDY - the man, affected the MOST by me. whatever SHIT i do, hes the one to clean it... i love u daddy, and am sorry i didnt live upto ur expectations.... but u dont know.. i try my best to do so... i wish i cud ever tell u, how much i love u.
Mama i am really sorry for the quarrels, shout fights we had
ammi jan for the hatred i used to show, u KNOW i love u!
ma'm nazia
sir ravi
syed ahmed hussain
rameez bin saeed
bushra siddiqi - i had been a real pain in the neck for ya, apologies aint enuff, i hope this makes at least a tid bit of any difference
basit sheikh

with an aim to live a better, meaningfull life, and a promise to be more religious and loving to the ppl around me....
i wish u all best of luck
this is talha ghouri, signing out!
please forgive me...
if i die, i hope i get a chance to meet u in heavens !


Saturday, October 18, 2008

awardies awardies awardies ..... :D



yeh blogworld nhn... INDIAN cinema hogaya... where the last months in the calendar, get the TV Channels bombarded with award shows. KADDU AWARDS, BAINGUN AWARDS, TIMATAR Awards... and what not....
Hina started spreading the contagious award fever, which routed thru Lubna baji to me!

I dont have too many people on my blogroll... toh instead of BLOGROLL awards, am giving out my personal favorites' awards... just a token of gratitude towards my friends.
these arent in any particular order... but on first thought, first written basis.
PS if u dont find urself in the list... ur either busy enough to be in sight... toh outa sight, outa mind.... OR... ur asshole enough for me... to not recall ur name right now!

Syed Sumair Zafar..... for being the BEST friend out there, to share secrets, knowledge, info, tech talk, dirty sms, filthy chats and out of the world hangouts. My venture partner too! *smooooches* :P

Furrukh Ali Baig..... for being the most hoshyaar chand banda of my circle... everytime showing hoshyari around.

Jawwad Ghaznavi.... the oldest friend am in touch with.. STILL. Being in touch means a lot more than sharing sms and a bit of hello and hi on internet.

Rowaid Bin Farooq.... or ROBIN as we say it, half mulla, half disco :D... is sitting besides me right now... eating up the MICROPROCESSORs INTERFACING book and handouts.. coz we have an exam in about 20 min. I am too fed up of studying my books now, i can't even bare his'...
GO ROBIN GO ! hes always there for true friendly mashwaras, his CHACHAs' stories and religious advices.

NajmusSaqib Feroze..... one sun of a gun who i still MISS. this guy was wid me for not more than 3 months.. and left a lasting impression. he dumped the darling FAST for NED, xunny ur one bigg time kutta aadmi.

Khizar Masood..... am still on fone with him, he always ends up advising "GHOURI! kuch parhle yaar... please... and blah blah blah" and he's doing the same right now. A guy from my class since 2005, but it took some time for us to be friends.

Osama Ali.... osama MUCHARR!!!! ya MACHARR... dono hee lagta hey yeh :P. A really literate kind of a guy, a great analyst of the not so distant future, talks a lot, and talks sane too, is a totally ANTI-JEW banda and is desperately dieng to kill some jew asses :P. This banda only looks a dhakkan maila... but is a full time burger bun, with panwari moustache, and skinny body and a head FULL of knowledge. I can bet on him keh he knows all the JEWish shit going on since last 6000 years :P

Mahmood Zubair... BABLOO... or BUBBLES as we like to say it.... the cutest banda from Computer Systems engineering, the guy who can make u smile/laugh even when HE is crying :D

Osama Nasir.... KUTTAA!! KAMINA!! THARKII!!!! tu ja kar butool se dosti kar... ! grrr....!!!!

Syed Ahmed Hussain
.... had been one of the the BEST FRIENDs for 3 years... ended up to be the most @$$holic person i ever knew !

Munir Usman....the BESTESTSTSTSTSTSTSTT senior i ever got! The best thing FAST gave me. He graduated more than a year ago, we still meet, we still talk, we still share ideas and he still advises me the best he can. THUNKKOOOO *hugs*

Ali Raza Shaikh....my IDOL, FASTian IDOL, the youngest entrepreneur I've seen LIVE and ALVIE :D, who has achieved so much, the career, the life i always dreamt of. Always there to advise me stuff, letting me know the hurdles one can face in his career and some funn talks. How can i forget the DATE WITH ALI RAZA SHAIKH... at 12 in the morning :P

Henna Amaan..... the 'P', the BIG "P" P bole to president.. woh be webmasters ki... DUH! imagine a student society.. with no fun at all... hell lot of politics and bitching going inside... ghouri trying to burp down the accounts money... members killing each other... a society who knows nothing btu CODES/Programming/Networks/Hacking and no Girl in it(till last semester) , how'd the PRESIDENT look like? UGLY BETTY i bet :D ... but its not the case with this girl. shes calm and polite, and can crack a joke like someones telling u shakespeare's poetry.

Nabia Kasaur..... YAYY!! chota !! paanch futya do(2) inch 5'2". really cool forografer. A girl who hardly talkss... yah.. she hardly talks.. when shes alone :P
The cutest girl in my chota sa grp with realllllyyyyy big hART and tendency to show gr8 "afoo wa dar-guzar"(read in urdu) Sorry Again dost !!!!! SORRYSORRYSORRYSORRYSORRYSORRYSORRYSORRY :-$

Al-Hamra Khan..... the 'skipping walks' these days is busy in exams....the GURU.... fashion guru. Failed on me though... :P mere dushman ki best friend hey! But khair hoti hey.. no biggy... u know i luv ya! ;-)

Lubna Baji...... the sweeeeeetest thing FAST had got EVER. I love U lubbe baabu! Mujhey itni agraizeee nhn aati... warna 100-200 lines aur likhta....

AssadUllah.... mein chota sa aik bacha hun... per kaam karunga barey barey :D... a really awesome friend... with a tummy full of criticism. :D
kisi kaam mein keere nikaalne hon.. toh contact ASAD :d

Rabia Baji..... awwww....... ^_^ abhi mein aur kia bolun :D

Aon Ali..... the most maila friend in my neighbourhood... though there live many more mailaER log here... but they arent friends.... I used to ignore this guy to the extent of humiliation... didnt know the gem inside him. AONY!!!!! saeeein wadhera.... :D

Syed Asad Shah..... a true example of FRIEND out there...... thru thick and thin... barbaadi and khushhaali... party aur hangamey.... he was there wid me... supporting each other... we still go hands in hands. I wish u get married to the ONE :P

Murtaza munaaf..... kutta kamina khabees.... but chicken banda hey.. luv u!! :D

Azeem Yasin...... the only maila guy from Defence, with a nifty car, and a huge house in a really posh area(mashallah), he would love to come to the university in his dirty knickers, filthy flip flops, unshaved BOOOTHA, and un bathed body. My hacking idol :P
i didnt even know keh this guy existed in the world, he has sooo much potential.... but was soo low profile keh kisi ko pata hee nhn chala... it was then... when he got elected for the VP of our society. I was like WTF ?!!!! yeh kaun !@#$% hey! But I love u azeem bhai :D
isko toh azeem bhai bolte bhi sharam aati hey :P

Ahmed Jalbani...... another disco Mulla i know of :P
hahaha! met ahmed bhai on flickR, a year ago.. and obviously the world is too smalll.... kept on getting bumps in with him, he came to judge digitaleyez and then photography workshops. I owe alot to Ahmed Jalbani. hes a friend, a teacher and an inspiration. Whatever photography skills i have today, i have it coz of him. THunkooo ahmed bhai :)

that compiles up the awards and am already late for the exam by 20 min.
i hope they let me in the room. wese bhi kaunsa kuch likh kar aana... !



Tuesday, October 14, 2008

WHY ?????????


a post by a friend ....

(a tribute to all those who have lost their lives, gotten injured, and are still fighting the battle of ‘none’ for the cost of what??! A tribute to my brave heroic friend, Lt. Omar Salman Tirmizi)

There might be at least a hundred people that one comes across daily not pausing to think about their accomplishments or subsequent failures in life!!!But very few from that number of hundreds, their mysteriously ‘knowing’ smirk, that sparkle of eyes gets you, stop dead in your step, their very explicit sound - you know they are daredevils of nature.

These people create a ripple in your life, the way a pebble does to water only that your life would never be the same again. These people are your manifesting pride and you give them what they deserve of an exulting sense of credit!!

And so I do tonight, even though, knowing that my taking in pride in you and having a glowing feeling of gratification wouldn’t help you and is nothing compared to what you’ve been through and are going through now – but the least I can do now is to pray for you now, at this time of fajr that may Allah give you tranquility and strength at this hour of turmoil and gets you to your feet all well and even with more stronger will power and clearer vision of what you are destined to do.

- Al-Hamra Khan
Fourth Year, Architectural And Planning,
NED Univeristy, Karachi.

Al-Hamra Khan can be reached at alhamra.khan@e-nnovators.net


Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Random Laugh OFFs v2.0 !

This chat log is a prooof, keh we are the most farigh-ul-waqt humans in the world !

Mohammad Talha Ghouri dhoti le kar aana mere lie

hehe...dhoti ya thobe?
hw abt a bellydancing outfit instead?

Mohammad Talha Ghouri thobes toh hein variety mein mere pass :P
belly dancing 'gear' le aao
farrukh se kareinge

Chota hahahha...
:D :D :D :D

Mohammad Talha Ghouri he has a LOT OF BELLY hanging out htere :P

AND this is what came out my artistic PICASSO skills :P


FARRUKH in belly dancing suit :P

Thursday, September 18, 2008

the KISS, the BLISS !!

it all happened the night before yesterday. I swear it wasnt planned, all what happened was impromptu, improvised.. a totally uncalled for happening.i had a looong day, a very long day, university, work, household chores and some financial issues with clients.
This all made me seek for some soltitude... so i put on some romantic songs on my computer, AC to full chill and laid down on my comfy computer chair. Mom went out to neighbours with my sister. Was alone at my place. it was about 11:00pm. This is when SHE came, yes SHE.

She is a usual roamer, drops by my place casually, no one minds that at home, she is so mingled up with us, specially me, that she doesnt need permission or has to inform us prior her visit. She doesnt even knock, to my fortune, the door was open too. With the chilled air in my room,and romantic songs going on, i was already in some mood, and she comes in with noiseless steps.
i felt someones presence in my room, opened my eyes, lowered the volume only to find her there, at the door, looking at me. Oh GOD, she never seemed this pretty to me before, the eyes, the big black round eyes, the shine of million diamonds in her eyes. we kept on staring each other. I founded her the prettiest one in the world that moment, i almost forgot to breathe then, started to sweat in an air conditioned room.

I wished this situtation wud never end, it was then. when she took her first step towards me, another one, and another one. slowly and beautifully she kept moving towards me, oh... the walk, the style, the way she carried herself... made me loose my control. My heart beat shot-up, breathing pumped up, she was very very close to me. I cudnt control, grabbed her from shoulders, moved towards me. NOW, i cud feel her warmth, i cud feel her heart, i cud feel her breath, i cud feel her. She didnt blink the whole time, my love towards her came out of a sudden... i made my grip even stronger... didnt want her to leave, with pain.. she "aahh..."ed.
I didnt show any mercy... neither she wanted some. We both wanted it to happen. I moved slowly towards her face, she was still in my grip, the hair.... they were not hair, they felt like SILK strands, so soft, the silky, such a beauty. I loved playing with them while she was there in my hands, she liked it even more. Finally she gave herself to me... quited resisting... and gave me herself.

She wanted more, but i wanted all.Finally i moved towards her face, closer and closer, she smelled like french fragrance, seemed like she had a bath recently. the moist hair...aahhh.. and then i kissed her. the blissfull kiss. my god. it was the best. after the happening.... she rubbed herself against me in love and moved out of the roomm... ppurrrriiiinnnggg!
purriiinngggg! :-^
yes... she was smoky... my cat?
what did u think?
dirty mind :P

random laugh offs!!

i had a chat with Chota Badmaash, 2 in the morning
and we made this on MSN Messenger. These drawings made me laugh to tears, may not be as hilarious for you guys, specially those who dont know ennovators, but am sharing it any way!


Al-Hamra Khan.......................... Talha Ghouri .......................... Furrukh Ali Baig

paanch FOOTYA, 2 inch.
with her maindyaaan!.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Why Study for exams ??????

Why Study For Exams.... Are they not about what you know, not about how much you can cram into your head the night before?

those who agree, raise their hands :D

got this thru an SMS today!

itni shiddat se mein ne PASS honay ki koshish ki hey,
magar har professor ne mujhey FAIL karne ki saazish ki hey.

hamare Exams bhi na, bilkul indian films ki tarhan hote hein
aakhir mein saaaab acha hojata hey, aur agar aisa na ho toh, iska matlab hey

papers abhi khatam nhn huey, supply abhi baaqi hey mere dost!

this post is dedicated to THE friends, chota badmash and Al-Hamra khan, who are totally freaked out about their short attendance during the past session.
Courtesy to Henna Amaan for the painting, no rights reserved though, coz its a copied idea itself :P, and i've put this image in here without any prior permission as well. Now pray she does'nt kill me :D

Friday, September 05, 2008

Ramadan Kareem!


Assalamualaikum Seeedi !
Blessings on u sir :)

Ramadan is here, 4 days have already been passed. Roza(fasting) is somewhat a tough task for students of FAST(my university).
A normal day starts with sehri at 5:00, namaz at 6:00, bath at 6:30, and FASTian surprises wala bus travel at 7:15.
Classes commence on from 8:30am and with breaks and free slots, extends till 3:15pm. Then again... an hour long journey to home switching two diff buses on route. a round trip of 55kms and a whole day full of hectic routine at FAST Uni makes u a lazy guy in the end of the day.

Guys like me act as MONSTERS who have been captivated for centuries and attacks on the food like anything!

I shot this photo on a punchline which came to me today.
Sharing with u guys here.

14 hrs of FASTing, for a FASTian, in FAST, is a total death for the Samosa on iftar table.

Sunday, August 31, 2008

THATS IT !!!!!!!!!



i cant believe am doing this. This had got to be done sometime eventually, i gues this is the right time.
I cant breath, my mind is juggled up, its bleeding out with secrets, personal issues and stories from the dark side of my mates' lives. I just cant digest it. Today, on 31st of August, 2008, i make this petition or resolution, whatever you wanna call it, "AM GIVING UP HACKING"

Yes, u read it right! No more hacking from today. Why? Cant tell in words.
I still remember, when orkut was released, i got infected to it, routed towards black magic communities and read some fake SPELLS TO READ OUT PPLs' MINDS. I used to visit alike communities and post comments, discuss things. It was then, when a random guy, Ather Alam, advised me to cut it out, though i wudntt be able to do such a thing, and if by anychance.... i DID get it done, i wud go mad. With so much info coming to my mind, ZINCH diplomacy, i wud not be able to absorb such amount if information/secrets/thoughts in my chest.
This is exactly whats happening to me. I havent hacked for myself in months, but my friends asks me to do it for them. Being a slave to human nature, when i get access to someones personal sutff, i digg more..... and THIS is where screwup gets started. I really cant digest all the stuff, even more, cant blurt it out too.

Right now.... i have a feeling of being stabbed, cant breathe!

with all the dramatic stuff going on, i cant keep it going.

so.. from now on... NO POKING in secret stuff, no email hacks no shit!

whats the catch? nothing!

faeda yeh hey... the ppl in my social circle can take a sigh of releif now :D

no danger from my side atleast.

Take Care

Live happy

Be healthy

die peacefully

go to heavens

and take me along!



Thursday, August 28, 2008

Gym Chronicles -My first day at the gym


*breathe in*
*breath out*

*breathe in*
*breath out*

*breathe in*
*breath out*

the sound of metal, the music, the smell of grease, the sweaty bodies, trainer shoes, good looking men,pumping iron and a trainer. All this combine up to make a first class GYMNASIUM/Body Building club.

This is not the case in my scenario, aur ho bhi kese sakta hey, meri life mein aaj tak kuch normal hua hey :P
Its not like I been to many GYMS before, but this is typically THE scene u imagine of when talking of one.
A health website said, if u aren't able to see ur feet whilst standing straight(i.e ur tummy blocks tha view) MAN!! ur FAT, and duh! yes it happened to me. Abey yaar... har buri cheez mere saath kiun. Now am getting FAT, AGAIN!
last season of ramazan, casuall visits to my GYM*, and a job at Connect Communications made me fit into my old pair of jeans and Medium Sized T-shirts, which eventually got undersized by this ramaza. Now with a new resolution to work out more honeslty, eat more healthy and avoid junk food, i've joined the GYM again.
GYM in my case is not a GYM actually, i shud call it an AKHAARA to be more precise.
With mostly bacloch ppl/bus conductors/MQM ghundas/ and some models, the scene is quite absurd. With a HUGE setup in the KGA Gymkhana, besides the cricket pitch, there stands two, 7-feet long posters of Arnold Schwardzenneger, and a banner saying,"ENTER as U, Exit as HIM" obviusoy written by a TYPICAL BALOCH bhai, dictated by MR. TAI, he is the owner of the place, though he never visits it, even for the karate classes there.
My coach, or... i shd rather call him a PEHELWAAN. A coach is a 6 feet taal, 42inch wide, perfectly toned body, HUMAN looking guy, who advices you nifty excercises, usually speaks english and promises to make you a replica of him in a year.
On the other hand, my intructor aka JAANU PEHELWAAN is a 7 feet tall punjabi, 60" wide, 150kg heavy, heavily moustached, messy oily hair, topless body resembling YOGI bear, and a big ass TOUND(D-tummy) comes to me, pats hard on my back and says,"Or jawaan.. patla hona hey"
i was like....*yikes*
mr. pehelwan points me to a tilted bench, and says "ja jaawaann, pait laga". hain? matlab?
matlab... he asked me to do some crunches. " jaannu bhai ktine lagaon?" the reply comes," AAdaai soo(250)"
umm... okie.. i did as he said.

*First Cunch*
*breath out*

*Second crunch*
*breath out*

" arey... its a peice of cake, 250 toh ho jaeinge ....."

*third crunch*

*fourth crunch*
okie.. its not THAT easy

*5th crunch*

*6th crunch*
what the fuck!

*7th crunch*
atleast three more please

*8th crunch*
GOD please

*9th crunch*
Aaahhhh.... BLACK OUT !!!

out cold. There laid me, on the inclined bench, almost dead, for the flies to lick my sweat until other members came and picked me up.

"jaanu bhai... mera pehla din hey, bachey ki jaan loge kia"

Jaanu Pehelwaan... no doubt is the worst Gym Coach in the world.
I have a diet plan made by mr. VENU Gopal from India now. I really idolize him. He is the owner and the trainer at Belair health Club india.

his prescribed diet plan and excercise routine had helped me to loose some inches on my waist line and a few kgs, last time.
I strive to follow the plan and routine more puntually this time.
wish me luck folks
and be ready to have a look at the new GHOURI in a month or so
with revamped body.



Sunday, August 24, 2008

e-nnovators.... a startup story!

long time eh folks?!
happens.... happens alot with me, bear with it :P
been busy the past few weeks.
busy in what? busy in creating my own startup story, or.. shd I say our startup story.
it all started with plans on a vacation to malaysia. yes.. seriously.
shaikh chilleee aur uski khyaaali pulaooo!
mein bara ho kar doolha banunga
mein vacations mein malaysia jaonga.

yahan mein akela nahein tha, rather... we were 2. Farrukh mian chale pulaao pakane, Ghouri saheb keh saath. We would have definitely enjoyed the best time of our lives in malaysia only if u wudnt have got an F, ya again... an F in the finals. Ultimately... daddy didnt allow us, not only he grounded me, but theek thaak class bhi hui, "your a loooser, with NO skills other than driving and NO vision of your future"


another blast... what the heck. My dad takes me as every other incompetent kid, where as i m not one! after a few weeks of being grounded, the freakazoid tolee which includes FARRUKH,Sumair, ME, Ahmed and Rameez went on a hangout. After the dinner+galian+gossip+more galiaan+gossip+even more galiaan+gossip+Bitching... a sheesha was ordered.
me being a non-smoker, sheesha gets me HIGH, and when i say HIGH, i really mean it :D
after a couple of puffs i spluttered..."sumair... lets do it, lets do the startup !"


the khichdi which was being cooked b/w me and sumair on casual telephonic chats cameout in public, and then started the HAPPENING. "OKAY! lets do it" everyone agreed and we'd already started feeling like entrepreneurs.

now came the registration part. We got a domain name, got our selves aik acha sasta aur tikaao hosting plan, prepared some business modules keh who will be who and who will not be who :D. I have always been a twisted thinker, toh am always like.."if we do it, we do it in style, or we dont do it at all" toh bhai.... ham to office bhi leinge, patent bhi karaeinge, employees bhi rakheinge... aur note BHI chaapeinge.
This time period taught me a really good lesson, everything seems to be a piece of cake, only if ur DAD bakes it.... when u try doing it on ur own, its only then.. when u get to know the heat around the oven.

kuch samajh aaya? nahein aaya na... mujhey bhi nahein aaya :P

i went to a lawyer, consulted some motary agents, and in the end cudnt get our organization, ENNOVATORS patented. we didnt have any assets to declare at the moment.
next comes the office scene.
farrukh is a poor guy, with a rich MOM :D, who can lend him anytime, plus i have saved a couple of thousand bucks as well. BUTT!! office mein bethega kaun mere bhai?
Degree shegree lene ka moood nahin hey??
postponing the office setup, we agreed on whenever to get an office, we'll go for a coworking one at first. (google it to know what it is)

here comes the team formation part...
kaun baap banega... aur kaun bara baap!
kaun director hoga kaun director ka baap
aur kaun peon.

this issue really turned out to be a phadda. with meetups ending up in gaalyan, phadde and taunts, we met several times at farrukh's place, my home even at the public red area, MAZAR-e-Qauid :D. Luckily the issues got solved quite happily with handshakes and huggies ^_^

now what? our working domains... obviously web development isnt going to pay us well. i mean it does, but till when? and static broucher websites really dont get us as much fruit as complex CMSs do! but CMS banaega kaun? koi nahin :D... we'll outsource. This is what happens in almost all of the software houses in Karachi. FIRANGI outsource those software houses and they outsource us. Now.. if we can outsource CMSs, we can outsource everything we cant do, and we WILL do that.

team formation
The first law we made to do inductions was...
NO GIRLFRIENDS in the team.
hehe yah! no girlfriends. Aisa kiun hua.... LOOOOOONG story.
though we didnt have any girl at that moment but phir bhi... i told u na... SHAIKH CHILLI ki khyali pulao!
Sumair... dekhle.... Wardah is STILL not ur girlfriend.. ;)

now we have a total of 8 freaks in this freakazoo
which includes
the chick killer Sumair(murghion ka qaatil),
jack of all..king of none, FARRUKH,
jack of no trade... even king of none.. EMPEROR of all (by force) AHMED HUSSAIN :P,
a newly made random friend, KHALIL SYED,
Soccer playing Marketeer JAWWAD,
chota badmaash Nabia,
rameez's BESTEST friend in the whole wide world, Al Hamra.
unfortunately rameez had to leave the team for some personal issues.
a pinch of geeks, sprinkle of confused coders, even more confused artists according to taste, a spoon of dhakkan marketeers and 2 drops of glamour.
this is our cup of tea! :D

we 8 are the Elegent Eight, "ennovators" that is :P
the startup entrepreneurs who will rock the E world inshallah!

if you feel like being ennovated and have a couple of bucks poking outa ur pocket u can contact me at

till my next post... keep on commenting!

P.S This is my first post widout the *whispers* "F" word!
i didnt abuse a single time....
see... it works when u have girls in ur team :P


Sunday, June 08, 2008

TechElite 2008 - NED University CIS Dept.

NED University, the only Government Funded Engineering University in Karachi, the largest one too, organized this megaevent, TechElite for the second consecutive year, comprising of different TECHY competitions like Speed Programming, Network Security and stuff.

Unlike last year, TechElite succeeded to attract students from all over Pakistan(theoretically :P, warna sirf Karachi ki awaam hee thi) bringing on their projects and they coming themselves to compete.

With limited budget and sponsors, they managed to do BIG this year, with a billboard being hanged on DrighRoad, participants being given the T-shirts and a huge media world getting attracted towards the event. Comparitively, a small event than PROCOM, but much better. I was personally interested in the marketing department :P
Though there were some mis organization, but chalta hey. They didnt succeed to BEAT procom, but they werent incompetent too. The above video is the event coverage by SAMAA TV Pakistan.

Best of Luck NEDians, for next year. Lets see if u'll be able to DUMP PROCOM then


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Saturday, June 07, 2008

Thank You Technology !

Thank You technology!


are u still reading this ???????/??

go and watch the VIDEO man !!!